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How to Install Rush Widget on Your Website

Nowadays, effective communication with customers is key to success., a platform known for its simplicity and versatility in website building, takes a step further in empowering its users by introducing the Rush Widget.

The Rush Widget features a multifunctional messaging button and includes a popup builder that appears on every page of your Carrd website.

Installation Steps:

  1. Click Add Element: Begin the installation process by logging into your Carrd account and navigating to the website editor. Click on "Add Element" to initiate the addition of the Rush Widget to your site.

  2. Click Embed to Create a New Embed Element: Within the Add Element options, select "Embed" to create a new Embed element on your Carrd website.

  3. Set Type to Code: In the Embed element settings, set the Type to "Code." This step ensures that you are ready to insert the custom code required for the Rush Widget.

  4. Set Code to Your Custom Code: Obtain the custom code for the Rush Widget and paste it into the provided Code field.

  5. Optional: Set Label for Identification: If you have multiple embeds or want to make the identification process easier, set a Label for the Rush Widget. This label can be something like "Rush Widget Code" to help you distinguish it from other embedded elements.

  6. Choose the Embed's Style: Here we have to choose a Body End option to insert the code. Options include "Hidden".

Congratulations! By following these simple steps, you've successfully installed the Rush Widget on your website. The addition of this powerful tool opens up new possibilities for customer engagement and interaction.

With the Rush Widget seamlessly integrated into your website, you're well on your way to creating a more interactive online experience for your visitors and boosting your overall business performance. Embrace the power of effective communication and watch as your customer relationships thrive in the digital realm.

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